Design ideas for small kitchens

Design ideas for small kitchens

The kitchen acts as one of the main spaces in a home and we understand the frustration especially in designing small kitchens that many of us have to work with. Utilising your kitchen space to it’s full potential is something that many home owners struggle to do, especially if it is small. However with some expert space saving solutions and layout tips there are a few solutions that can help create your dream kitchen.


How to create your Dream Kitchen

Create the Dream Kitchen

Looking for a kitchen transformation with just a few simple tricks? Well after all, it is a well know fact the kitchen is the heart of the home – so why not create a practical yet chic and elegant utopia of your own? Let’s be honest, it is easier said than done but don’t fear – this blog will hopefully lead you on your path to your dream kitchen. 


Rising Energy Costs and Fridge Freezers

Rising Energy Costs and Fridge Freezers

As most of know, the current cost of living crisis is something affecting day to day life dramatically for the majority of people. It has caught quite a few of us trying to change the way we live to reduce costs and also exposed us to taking a closer look at the energy we are using and how we can cut down to save. Something that you may have been wondering is how much your fridge freezer is costing to run.

Blue kitchen 2

Blue Kitchen Cabinets the latest trend


Blue Kitchen cabinets the latest trends

In 2022 blue kitchen cabinets have become a huge trend and it’s no surprise why. Blue kitchens create a perfect opportunity to introduce some colour into your home, avoiding the typical white cabinets that the majority of homeowners feel they have to have. However, are blue kitchens just a trend that will pass, or will we be seeing blue and white kitchens for years to come?

L Shaped Kitchen

L Shaped Kitchen Designs

Choosing the right kitchen design for your home can be a challenge, but there is one design that fits a huge majority. Creating a classy, functional and also effortless look, the L shaped design could your dream layout. Whether you kitchen is big or small, this design can be included into almost every space, but how exactly do you incorporate it?


Transforming Kitchens

Transforming Kitchens in the North East

Creating your dream kitchen can be difficult, we’re here to make the process as easy as it can be. From your own personal style and great practical use, our aim is to create a kitchen that is personalised to your wants and needs. Take a look at our kitchen collections to inspire you to take the step towards your dream kitchen – there’s something for everyone with the many brands we work alongside!

Design ideas for small kitchens

Kitchen storage

In a particularly small kitchen that has the goal to appear larger, where to store things may become an issue. by moving clutter and placing it in areas that cannot be seen presents the illusion of a larger kitchen space. In order to achieve this, little bit of creative fixing can be of help. Invest in storage that is not big or bulky, perhaps hang utensils from a wine rack rather than in a draw, or add section and shelves into deep draws to maximise usage of the area. Ensure that the storage chosen fits your aesthetics and stores everything away to create more space.


Creating larger kitchens

How to create a bigger kitchens

Looking for kitchens with more space? Maybe extra room for a family visit? OR perhaps your kitchen is simply just too small. If you’re planning on adding on that extra extension or knocking down that wall, roll back up the blueprints, there’s a few easy tips to help you.