Design ideas for small kitchens

Design ideas for small kitchens

The kitchen acts as one of the main spaces in a home and we understand the frustration especially in designing small kitchens that many of us have to work with. Utilising your kitchen space to it’s full potential is something that many home owners struggle to do, especially if it is small. However with some expert space saving solutions and layout tips there are a few solutions that can help create your dream kitchen.


Cookware Items to avoid putting in your dishwasher

Cookware items you should ideally avoid putting in a dishwasher

For many homes a dishwasher has often been a lifesaver – not only do they give us sparkling clean dishes and cutlery, they do save us a lot of time in the kitchen which would have been spent at the sink.

Although dishwashers are super handy for ceramic dishes and silverware, there are some things you should avoid putting in your dishwasher. In recent months with rising electricity costs people have been asking how much it costs to run a dishwasher? A fact many of you probably wont have considered before.

Dishwashers are actually not meant hold all of our kitchen items. Did you know that, some of them can actually be damaged by being put through a washing cycle?


Rising Energy Costs and Fridge Freezers

Rising Energy Costs and Fridge Freezers

As most of know, the current cost of living crisis is something affecting day to day life dramatically for the majority of people. It has caught quite a few of us trying to change the way we live to reduce costs and also exposed us to taking a closer look at the energy we are using and how we can cut down to save. Something that you may have been wondering is how much your fridge freezer is costing to run.


Fireplaces for bathrooms

Fireplaces for bathrooms new trend on Pinterest

Some trends appear in places and situations we would never usually imagine them to be. However, fireplaces in bathrooms may be one we can get behind! This year on Pinterest there has been an increasing demand in the searches for fireplace bathrooms, and we believe that creating the inviting and homely look may be a trend to stick around.

Inspiration for your bedroom

Bedroom inspiration

Around a third of our lives is spent in bed, so making that third as good as it can possibly be is something that matters to us. However, designing a dream bedroom can be tricky. With so many styles and trends changing the choice can be a little too much! Even if you are in two minds about what style is right for you, hopefully by the end of this blog you’ll have more inspiration.

Bathroom Ideas North East

Ideas for your bathroom in the North East

Bathrooms are the focus of wellbeing in our homes, designing them can be a tricky task. Creating a space that fits out aesthetics and also practicality can be something that takes a huge amount of planning. However, there are a few easy tricks that can shorten and make your planning stress-free, creating your dream bathroom with advice from us.