Modern Bathroom interior design on dark Sonic color wall.

Renovating your bathroom

Renovating your bathroom in the North East

Why renovate your bathroom?

There are many different ways in which you can renovate your bathroom and make it look the way you intend. There are many different things that can be achieved in your bathroom such as making it turn from the smallest room in the house into the biggest room in the house. By making changes such as these it can leave a positive effect on your mental state. With everyone spending much more time at home during the covid outbreak, many people are taking the opportunity to spend more time renovating their living space and the bathroom is a common place to start. Even making the smallest change to your bathroom can lead to the biggest change in appearance and comfortability. However, making a big change to your bathroom can create a whole new reality. Ultimately, here at Dragonville interiors, we can give you the best ideas to make your bathroom your idea of perfect.


Kitchen, Cabinets and Islands

Kitchen, cabinets and islands which are tailored to your design

Different people would like their kitchen to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye however everyone has a different interpretation of what they believe is right for them. There are different features that may be added to your kitchen to provide a personal mark to your cabinets and kitchen islands.

Modern Bathroom interior design on dark Sonic color wall.

Pink Bathroom Trends

Pink bathroom trends

As far as trends go, this one is a favourite that has stuck around for a while. Pink bathrooms are becoming extremely popular, partly due to the huge shade variation that the colour comes with. No matter if you are looking for a more subtle look with blush pinks, or a bold statement with fuchsia, there is a pink bathroom look for you.


Choosing the right Kitchen Worktops

A wide range of materials for kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktops are one of the areas in your kitchen which you will likely see the most therefore it is crucial to have the best-looking worktop to match the rest of your design. Worktops can be designed with many different materials to provide a wide variety of styles designated for personal choice. Some of the most popular materials used for kitchen worktops are solid wood, Quartz, laminate, glass, composite stone and stainless steel. Each one has its benefits so it is important to consider all qualities of the materials. 


Inspiration for your bedroom

Bedroom inspiration

Around a third of our lives is spent in bed, so making that third as good as it can possibly be is something that matters to us. However, designing a dream bedroom can be tricky. With so many styles and trends changing the choice can be a little too much! Even if you are in two minds about what style is right for you, hopefully by the end of this blog you’ll have more inspiration.


Bathroom Ideas North East

Ideas for your bathroom in the North East

Bathrooms are the focus of wellbeing in our homes, designing them can be a tricky task. Creating a space that fits out aesthetics and also practicality can be something that takes a huge amount of planning. However, there are a few easy tricks that can shorten and make your planning stress-free, creating your dream bathroom with advice from us.


L Shaped Kitchen

L Shaped Kitchen Designs

Choosing the right kitchen design for your home can be a challenge, but there is one design that fits a huge majority. Creating a classy, functional and also effortless look, the L shaped design could your dream layout. Whether you kitchen is big or small, this design can be included into almost every space, but how exactly do you incorporate it?