Transforming your small bedroom

Planning to improve your small bedroom

When decorating a small bedroom, many things can be considered to make it look the best possible. This could be making a tiny room look less cramped and tidy by using some strategies to make more room. Even the most obscure rooms can turn into the most aesthetically pleasing spaces in your house. With clever use of furniture, your room can look the best in the area due to the cosy atmosphere that can be created. Careful planning and organisation will be best when planning to decorate your smaller room to make it the best possible.

Kitchen, Cabinets and Islands

Kitchen, cabinets and islands which are tailored to your design

Different people would like their kitchen to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye however everyone has a different interpretation of what they believe is right for them. There are different features that may be added to your kitchen to provide a personal mark to your cabinets and kitchen islands.

Choosing the right Kitchen Worktops

A wide range of materials for kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktops are one of the areas in your kitchen which you will likely see the most therefore it is crucial to have the best-looking worktop to match the rest of your design. Worktops can be designed with many different materials to provide a wide variety of styles designated for personal choice. Some of the most popular materials used for kitchen worktops are solid wood, Quartz, laminate, glass, composite stone and stainless steel. Each one has its benefits so it is important to consider all qualities of the materials. 


Planning a new bathroom

Looking at planning a new bathroom?

Planning a new bathroom may be something that most people dread. Keeping storage, unities and space in the perfect balance can be something tricky whilst trying incorporate your style as well. However, planning your perfect new bathroom must start somewhere! And picking how you would like the room to look is a great place to begin.


Kitchen Fitters Durham

Kitchen Fitters In Durham

Based in Durham as kitchen fitters & suppliers. Dragonville Interiors have carried out many kitchen renovations throughout both Durham and other areas of the North East.

This kitchen below was part of a whole-house renovation which was carried out by a local builder. We fitted the kitchen and wardrobes in the master bedroom as part of this overall project.


Supply Only Kitchen To A Bespoke Transformation

Supply Only Kitchen To A Bespoke Transformation

This job started as a supply only kitchen which grew from a fairly straight forward design brought in to the showroom into something really special.

A major requirement for the design was symmetry and line.

Because most doors come in standard sizes we used a range of bespoke handless doors that allowed us to manufacture the cabinets in a way that kept everything in line. This is shown in particular on the tall housings where the doors sit inline above and below the oven with a curved door that matches the oven size exactly. This is mirrored on the opposite side of the room with a fridge freezer and curved larder housings.